The Sydney Woodcarving Group

Our Aims


 To promote the art of woodcarving.


 To share knowledge and skills in woodcarving with others


 To encourage persons new to the art of woodcarving by teaching them basic skills and making basic equipment available while they learn.


 To bring woodcarvers of all levels of ability and prospective woodcarvers together at convenient times and venues in a friendly atmosphere in order to share ideas, interests and problems, and at which they may work on projects of interest to themselves and other members.


 To give opportunity at regular intervals for members to display and sell completed works.


 To establish links with other organisations with similar or related interests.


Our Objectives


 To meet together regularly with enjoyable and stimulating programmes


 To purchase and provide ready access to equipment which might not normally be available in a home/workshop environment.


 To purchase books, literature and subscriptions to journals and to make them available for general use of members.


 To maintain a stock of basic tools suitable for general use by members, especially to beginners.


 To invite speakers, including commercial interests, at regular intervals to speak on topics or demonstrate skills or equipment that would be of interest to members.


 To establish commercial links which enable members to purchase equipment and materials at discounted prices.


 To maintain and update regularly a website containing information of interest to members, prospective members and all persons interested in the art of woodcarving.

Aims & Objectives


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