The Sydney Woodcarving Group

Jean and Warwick Proctor from the Blue Mountains, near Sydney had a problem.†


They had bought a pine bedroom suite some years ago in Adelaide that was simply decorated with a carved motif.† Recently they had a blanket box and chest of drawers made by a local cabinet maker.† They really wanted the new pieces to better match their existing furniture but could not find anyone who had the skill to do the job.




They visited this SWG website and contacted our President.† The commission was broadcast throughout our network and the Proctors were soon in touch with our member, Tony Nesbitt.


He was able to replicate the pattern for them at a very reasonable cost.† They were delighted.



A Solution Carved Out

The original pattern in the corners of the bedside table

The replicated (work in progress) on the blanket box lid

Do you have a piece of furniture or woodwork that you would like restored? Why not contact us to see whether we can help?†† Contact Us

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