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The Sydney Woodcarving Website is full of information about us, our carving and our members with links from page to page or to outside web pages. It includes a full calendar of events which are explained more fully on the Upcoming Events pages.

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Home Page:                                  SWG Home Page tells a little about us and showcases upcoming events and matters of interest to members and others                                                                                     

Website Index:                              You are here                                                                           

Upcoming Events:                         This page expands on diary dates, giving more information than available within the calendar


Recent Events:  (4 pages in total)

               Recent Events I:              Kiama Exhibition 10/14                                                  

               Recent Events II:             A.G.M.                                                                          

               Recent Events III:             Innovative Ideas                                                            

Members’ Gallery:  (6 pages in total) Where are your photo’s people????????        

               Members’ Gallery I:          SWG Members Work

               Members’ Gallery II:         SWG Members Work

               Members Gallery III          SWG Members Work

               Members Gallery IV         SWG Members Work with link to Members page

               Members Gallery V          SWG Members Work

               Members Gallery VI         SWG Members Work

Out and About:  (7 pages in total)

               Out and About I:               James Craig Restoration                                                

               Out and About II:              Kevin Gillis’ Woodcut Printing Machine            

               Out and About III:             Shellharbour at Bunnings

               Out and About IV:            Pyrography Workshop at Chester Hill

               Out and About V:             Shellharbour Village  Exhibition

               Out and About VI:            Websites for Carvers


               Out and About VII:           How To:  (4 pages in total)

               How To I:                         “Pricing Your Work”, an article on the value of your work

               How To II:                        Barley Twist Demonstration, intro by Ron O’Malley

               How To III:                       How to Carve a Barley Twist

               How To IV:                      “A Solution Carved Out” Restoration Work

Member Profiles:  (7 pages in total)      

               Member Profiles I:            Angela Johnson                                                            

               Member Profiles II:           David Crawford

               Member Profiles III:          Sandra Hamblen

               Member Profiles IV:          Ted Furlong

               Member Profiles V:           Jim Lee in Memorium

               Member Profiles VI:          Tony Nesbitt

               Member Profiles VII          Enn Muller

               Member Profiles VIII         John Unwin

               Member Profiles IX           Kevin Gillis

About Us:                                      A brief overview of Sydney Woodcarving Group and our four groups

Aims and Objectives:                     The Aims and Objectives of our wood carving group

Group Projects: (24 pages in total)

               Group Projects I:              Tarrawanna Public School Totem

               Group Projects II:             Tarrawanna Public School Totem ctd

               Group Projects III:            Shellharbour’s Totem Pole for Lake Illawarra

               Group Projects IV:            Near Completion (Totem Poles)                                     

               Group Projects V:             Working Hard (Totem Poles)                                          

               Group Projects VI:            Slow Progress (Totem Poles)

               Group Projects VII:           Staring the Carving (Totem Poles)

               Group Projects VIII:          2014 Document Boxes                                                   

               Group Projects IX             2013 Document Boxes                                                   

               Group Projects X             Shell Harbour Chess Set                                                

               Past Group Projects I:      Past Group Charity Projects inc., Noah’s Ark, Heritage Chess Set, Mirror and Bird Relief projects

               Noah’s  Ark I:                   Noah’s Ark by SWG Members

               Noah’s Ark II:                   Noah’s Ark by SWG Members

               Noah’s Ark III:                  Noah’s Ark by SWG Members

               Noah’s Ark IV:                  Noah’s Ark by SWG Members

               Mirror I:                           Mirror by Fouad Ibrahim

               Mirror II:                          Mirror by Fouad Ibrahim

               Mirror III:                          Mirror by Fouad Ibrahim

               Bird Relief I:                     Bird Relief carving by Martin Anderson

               Bird Relief II:                    Bird Relief carving by Martin Anderson

               Chess Set I:                     Australian Heritage Chess Set by  SWG Members

               Chess Set II:                    Australian Heritage Chess Set by  SWG Members

               Chess Set III:                   Australian Heritage Chess Set by  SWG Members

               Chess Set IV:                  Australian Heritage Chess Set by  SWG Members

               Chess Set V:                   Australian Heritage Chess Set by  SWG Members

               Chess Set IV:                  Australian Heritage Chess Set by  SWG Members

Meetings:                                      Our Meeting Venues and Convenor Contacts

Contact Us:                                   Our Committee Members and Membership Details

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