The Sydney Woodcarving Group

Member Profiles II


                David Crawford

David Crawford is an active member at Chester Hill, a retired primary school-teacher whose passion for woodcarving was developed by a professional interest in marionettes during his teaching career.

His interests widened as he approached retirement and he now carves extensively “in the round” as well as doing relief carving. On occasions he carves lettering.

David served as President of the SWG for two years in the mid-2000’s and continues to serve the group as its co-oordinator at the Sydney Working With Wood Show.

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1. Angela Johnson

2.  David Crawford  

3.  Sandra Hamblen

4. Ted Furlong

5. Jim Lee

6. Tony Nesbitt

7. Enn Muller

8. John Unwin 

9. Kevin Gillis Queens Honour


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